After over 16 years in corporate construction management, Jay has built Interstate Inspection Services to bring his talents to the everyday consumer in the home buying process. Preceded by a solid industry reputation for fairness, thoroughness, dependability, and conflict resolution, Jay is an asset to all parties in the transition of residential and commercial real estate properties.

As a combat veteran and active Army Reserve member for over 20 years, Jay has dedicated Interstate Inspection Services to the betterment of the military community through our veteran discount program. Jay brings the experience and knowledge to protect your investment, as well as the understanding of the military transitions and home-buying processes.

Client Review

I recently had Jay Wilcox perform a home inspection on my newly purchased home. I have to say that he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He was on time to the appt. and was even willing to travel 3 hrs to perform my inspection. Not only did he go through this house with a fine tooth comb he actually found some potential issues that he brought to my attention. I was then able to have the seller repair our home before purchase. Overall I was very happy with Mr. Wilcox and his attention to detail, I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection done right.